Technology, equipment and a trained staff reassure the development of colors and quality test throughout the different stages of the process in accordance to requirements and international standards.

Yarns Quality Control

Precotex performs a complete test of the yarns used for production to evaluate yarn properties as torsion, appearance, humidity, resistance among others.
The evaluation of spinning: evaluates the different properties of textile yarns, such as: torsion, appearance, humidity, resistance

Color Reading

Datacolor system to manage color. Through an electronic color reading
Values of each one of them can be obtained to then be reproduced.
In this way we are also able to manufacture recipes according to specifications.

Automated System Of Colors

Precotex uses an Automated System of Colors to accomplish color recipes with High precision as well as High Reproducibility:
auto LAB TF, 160 Auto Lab SPS, textile dyeing AHIBA IR,
Thermal dryer, Rollmac twig, foulard, and light boxes.

Evaluation of Color Fastness

Precotex measures colorfastness to sweat, rubbing, light resistance,
Peroxide among others; all of these are relevant aspects in the evaluation of the quality of fabrics.