Dyeing and Finishing

Precotex’s fabric Dye and finish facilty is a state of the art dye house with European equipment specially designed for light fabrics as well as heavier fabrics.

Automatic Dyeing kitchen for

Color Preparations

Automatic dyeing selection Equipment Lawener, Doschem, STL technology integrated with Orgatex, Setex software to feed the dyeing machines automatically for accurate color recipes.

Sample Dyeing


A versatile line of Thies mini machines to dye samples, batches run from
10 kg up to 50 kg.



Modern Thies dyeing machines with a wide batch capacity ranges from 75 kg to 1,200 kg, These machines allow to dye all kind of fibers and blends such as Natural, synthetics, and blend fibers.



A complete line of garment washing machines to perform special washes and to apply different finishing products as well as differentiated techniques.

The dyeing area is highly equipped and ready to respond to any requirement; it can dye, and perform finishing on light or heavy weight fabrics, it is capable of working with large and small batches. It’ capacity is 380 Tons of fabric per month.

Hydro Extractor

Manufactured in Europe, its function is to carefully extract
the water from tubular fabrics after the dyeing process.

Relax Dryer

A modern european machine which accomplishes drying with a continuous tumbling which allows fabrics to relax and shrink naturally.

Stenter Frames

Modern Italian made Stenter Frames UNITECH Which stabilize the fabric, and also perform drying, thermosetting, overfeeding , padding with finishing products etc.

Open width and Tubular Compacting Machines

Compactors pre-shrink fabrics improving its quality.

Versatile dyeing processes can be performed, including different finishings, conventional and smart ones, which add value to the fabrics.