Business Areas

Precotex Industrial is a vertically integrated textile company, our main divisions are:
Precotex Textiles, Precotex TOS manufacturer and Zonia catalogue.


PRECOTEX Textiles has a major infrastructure with state-of-the-art machinery and technology, it is the top manufacturer of knitted fabrics dye house, laboratory, laundry, digital textile printing and innovative finishing.


PRECOTEX-TOS manufactures full package garments at competitive prices, made in accordance to international quality standards, for well-known brands.

Fashion Catalogue

Our Catalogue, ZONIA issues a monthly catalogue with a wide variety of products to the Peruvian market which requires strong creative skills and fast and accurate logistics.
ZONIA offers a monthly catalogue and a national coverage which is a clear sign of creative
skills and logistics.


NST offers to direct-sales customers, quality accessories made in accordance to global fashion trends.