About Us

Precotex Industrial, is a Peruvian business group which began its operations
in 1996; it currently has international presence in the textile and fashion
market. The identity of the group is strictly committed to the excellence
peruvian textile tradition, as well as your tangible and millenary cultural
The business group is made up of: Precotex textiles, TOS textile
manufacturer, Zonia Catalogue.


Corporate Culture

A system of values and principles oriented towards the innovation, the product and the
market with commitment of becoming a supporter of the development of our collaborators
and clients by the safe productive, sustainable and responsible performance model.

Our Approach

Our approach is to improve the innovation, creativity and technology in order to create
solutions that will meet the requirements of the continuously evolving textile market.
The goal of the company is to develop its activities in accordance with ethical principles
and the fundamental values of the group.


The systems we have acquired to preserve the environment, provide
evidence of how important it is for Precotex Group to promote a sustainable
economic model, based on the principles of environmental protection, safety
and respect towards individuals.