Digital Printing

The state-of- the-art. Industrial printing machines are able to produce beautiful designs, without color limits.

Reactive-Digital Printing

The wide versatility of digital printing, its vivid colors and high definition create printings which are truly works of art.
Reactive inks allow to print on cellulosic textile fabrics, with or without elastomers, such as cotton, viscose, linen, among others.

Disperse-Digital Printing

Printing is the favorite resource to accomplish differentiation and an appealing appearance.
Disperse dyeing inks allow to print through sublimation on polyester fabrics with or without elastomers for fashion lines, sportswear or home textiles.

Digital- Art & Design

The standard of art design and technical considerations are very important to manufacture quality digital printing.
The digital area, has a highly qualified team of artists and designers who stay updated with global trends.

Fashion & Home-Collections

The digital area produces fashion and home collections, which also offers customer support for the development of their design ideas according to their lines of products.

Image Gallery

Localized Printing

Infrastructure, machinery and know-how which meets high quality
demands, delivery time and competitive prices for prestigious
global brands.

We Offer

Innovation and expertise in the application of different types of printing and embellishment techniques, these are some of the strengths that our clients recognize.

Monthly Production Capacity

Localized Printing: 500,000 u.
Embroidery: 10 ́000,000 stitching
Sublimation: 40,000m.
High Frequency: 30,000 u.
Transference: 600,000 u.

Embellishment Techniques

Printing, embroidery, sublimate, transference, high frequency and rhinestone; are embellishment techniques used to differentiate and increase the value of our products.


A vast variety of designs and techniques, whether they may be unique or combined, they make up our constantly growing catalogue of proposals.


8 Mechanic Machines M & R.
5 Automatic Machines M & R.
8 Machines of 18 color stations.
1 Oval Automatic machine for coating (14 X 20).
3 State- Of – The- Art ring spinning suction machine 2 M&R.
4 Drying Oven Machines M&R.


65 Embroidery heads: Tajima.
(3 de 8 / 1 de 20 / 1 de 15/ 1 de 6)
5 Embroidery heads: Amaya.
1 Stencil cutting Machine– Atom
18 Neumatic Press machines Insta

Transfer and Sublimation

Automatic machines for paper printing for sublimation M&R
3 Ironing pre-coating automatic machines.

Rhinestones & High Frequency

With a specialized area in the manufacture of patches for garment application: Rhinestones, Rhinestuds, Half Round, Nailheads.
High Frequency machine, for Welding y Embossing.